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To me, in high school, I was that person that would let others be the leaders. But college has let me develop those leadership skills. Because now, if we’re doing a class project, it just comes second nature to me. It’s natural now that I’ve had that experience in college to help me grow with those skills.

Ashley Blair
Grainger High School

All the fears that will come up in your mind, they’re just fears. Once you act upon that fear and say I’m greater than that, you will overcome, and just make that step, and say you’re going to do it.

Gildor Simplice
Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Hohenwald

Definitely go for it. College is such a great experience and most people that I’ve heard of that didn’t go at first, they usually go back and it’s a lot easier when you get out of high school and it’s fresh on your mind.

Caleb Thorne
Milan High School

If you’re thinking about [going back to college], and like I said, I thought about it for two years, and I came up with every excuse in the book not to go. But if you’re willing and that’s what you want to do, you should go for it.

Joy Weathers

As vets, we’re already in that situation where we feel like we don’t belong. I try to break that barrier down and show any vet or non-traditional student coming into higher ed that this is where we belong, too.

Sean Martin
Middle Tennessee State University

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